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The Alliance for EU Integration Submitted Alternative Answers to 716 Questions from the Questionnaire of the European Commission for BiH to the Head EU Delegation Mr. Wigemark. Centres for Civic Initiatives (CCI) and the Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development (ACED), with the support of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina through its Technical Assistance to Civil Society (TACSO) project in BiH, launched an initiative in April to form the Alliance for EU Integration

as an entity able to contribute to active participation of actors operating outside the public sector (NGOs, media, commercial enterprises, academia, autonomous activists, etc.) to the current EU integration processes in BiH – both during the on-going activities regarding the EC Questionnaire and later on, upon receiving the expected positive AVIS report and start of negotiations on individual chapters. 

During six months, A4EU has gathered 12 thematic working groups for specific areas that have been working on answering the EC Questionnaire. The working groups gathered representatives of the civil sector, business sector, activists, media, bloggers and others. The working groups responded to 716 questions from the Questionnaire, which is 22.1% of 3.242 questions submitted by the EC to BiH. A4EU has initiated cooperation and accomplished synergy among a large number of civil and economic sector representatives based on their expertise and experience in thematic areas affecting the lives of all citizens of BiH whose involvement in regulation of these areas has not been ensured so far. The Alternative Questionnaire can be seen on the web site of A4EU www.pitamo.se  for now in English only.